Candle Accessory Set, Candle Snuffer, Candle Wick Trimmer Candle Cutter, Candle Wick Dipper with Gift Package, 3 in 1 Candle Tool Kit, Great for Scented Candles Lovers (Gold)



Price: $14.99
(as of Dec 08,2021 16:48:29 UTC – Details)

Set of 3, wick trimmer, candle wick dipper and candle wick snuffer. Great for who love to use scented candles.

 Your preferred way to snuff out candles:
1. Cleaner candle burn, no worry about accidentally spraying melted wax
2. Candle snuffer helps eliminate that pesky lingering smoke that comes when you blow out candles
3.Trim candle wick to prevent soot and also add to candle burn time.and the wick trimmer use captures the trimmed wick so you don’t have to fish it out of the candle
4.Candle wick dipper is great for positioning wick back into center of candle
5.Trimmed wicks are so important to prevent fire hazards

Candle Trimmer Specifications:
Name: Candle wick trimmer
Material: stainless steel
Size: Candle snuffer – 8.3 inch; wick dipper – 7.9inch; wick trimmer – 7 inch
Gift Box Dimensions:9.8 in x 1.75 in x 4.5 in

Candle Accessories Included:
1 x candle snuffer
1 x wick dipper
1 x wick trimmer

An elegant way to keep wicks trimmed for longer, cleaner candle burn. No worry about accidentally spraying melted wax
Trim candle wick to prevent soot and also add to candle burn time; Snuff candle using a wick dipper to prevent wick smoldering; Snuff tapered candles with bell snuffer to prevent wax flying off tip of the candle
This candle snuffers are made of stainless steel for long life and durability. Candle snuffer handle measures 8.3 inch long, wick dipper measures 7.9 inches and the wick trimmer measues 7 inches
Tools for the candle enthusiast. super gift for the candle lover. Candle wick trimmer comes with attractive box that can be used for storage or as a gift