Fresh Cut Grass Spray – Concentrated Freshly Cut Grass Room Spray – Cut Grass Scent, by Sensory Decisions (1 Bottle)



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Grass fragrance home freshener. OVERVIEW: Put simply: the smell of fresh cut grass in a room spray! Concentrated formula gives a cut grass scent to any room, business premises, display – or anywhere else you can think of! INSTRUCTIONS: In rooms: spray a few pumps into the centre of the room with the bottle upright. Avoid contact with polished surfaces, fabrics and soft furnishings before testing on an inconspicuous area first. Automotive: After emptying, cleaning and vacuuming your car, spray the carpets, footwell mats and boot-liner liberally. If necessary, also sparingly spray head liners and seat covers. Replace mats and preferably leave for a few hours (or overnight). For intensive results, also spray sparingly down the air vents and leave to dry. PRECAUTIONS: Always test in an inconspicuous area before spraying direct onto materials or surfaces. Not suitable for eating, cooking or use as a flavouring. Not for application to the body. Always follow instructions. BOTTLE SIZE AND HOW LONG IT LASTS: Each bottle contains 50ml of long-lasting fragrance. The non-aerosol atomiser releases 0.14ml per actuation. There are nearly 360 actuations per bottle and typically only 2 – 3 are required per use. ABOUT THIS PRODUCT RANGE: This product is one of many from the “Nature & Outdoors Collection” from Sensory Decisions, featuring a range of singular scents and fragrance blends with a natural theme. Other collections from Sensory Decisions include: the Automotive Collection (New Car Smell, Leather, His & Hers), Home & Indoors Collection (Fresh Linen, Baby Powder, festive fragrances and many more) and the Culinary Collection (Fresh Bread, Fresh Coffee, Chocolate, Popcorn and more).

The smell of fresh cut grass is consistently quoted as a favourite smell in research polls
Unmistakeable grass scent – a singular scent room spray, not a blend. No other fragrance overtones or undertones: just the smell of cut grass
Highly concentrated and long-lasting. High pressure atomiser for better dispersion – no aerosol gases
In addition to use as a grass scented room freshener, other uses include as perfume for silk & dried flowers, a pot pourri refresher spray and a pillow spray